About PE Pulse

What is PE Pulse about?

  • PE Pulse is the connector between ACT schools and sports and recreation services in the ACT.
  • PE Pulse promotes events, services, programs and professional development opportunities provided by local sporting organisations to make it easy for teachers in Canberra to access these resources for their classes.
  • PE Pulse aims to support ACT teachers to provide quality physical education to their students.

The PE Pulse Vision:

For teachers and schools: Teachers have the capacity to deliver physical activity within the school environment where it (PA) is highly prioritised and valued within the school culture.For the community: Sporting organisations and schools are working together in partnership to achieve high levels of awareness, involvement and participation in physical activity within their communities.

For Sport and Physical Activity providers: Sporting organisations and physical activity providers working together to increase participation in high-quality physical activity in schools.

For students: Students value and engage in a lifelong enjoyment of a healthy, active lifestyle.

How PE Pulse Has Evolved

Through an initiative led by Sport and Recreation Services in 2012, a group of organisations came together in recognition of the fact that we were all aiming to work in schools to get kids more active either through organised sport, active recreation or physical activity. Together we agreed that if we all worked together the outcomes for students, schools and community organisations would be far greater. This agreement coupled with an acknowledgement within the sport and education sectors that across the school system there is variation in teachers’ confidence, skill level and knowledge of the most appropriate strategies and approaches to deliver PE. By July 2013, a network of our like-minded organisations had been formed under the similar goal of wanting to support high-quality delivery of PE, physical activity and sport experiences in ACT schools. The network that formed became known as PE Pulse and it includes government and non-government organisations from the sport, recreation and education sectors. This website is the first collaborative initiative of the PE Pulse Network.

The activities of the PE Pulse Network are overseen by a Leadership Group.

PE Pulse Leadership Group

The members of the Leadership Group are as follows:

Lucille Bailie (Convenor) – Physical Activity Foundation, Harriet Walker, Program Manager- Physical Activity Foundation, Kerrie Johnston – Catholic Education Office (CEO), Emma Taber– Education and Training Directorate (ETD),  Liz Yuen  – School Sport ACT (SSACT), Luke Martin – AFL NSW/ACT,  Richard Keegan, Rebecca Tanner and Sandy Daley University of Canberra (UC), Rebecca Kelley – Sport and Recreation Services (SRS), Stephen Goggs – Orienteering ACT, Cerri Murphy – ACT Fencing Association (ACTFA), Adrian Ison – Health Directorate.

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