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The Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation Inc. (ACHPER) is the leading professional association representing teachers and other professionals working in the fields of health and physical education.

ACHPER provides access to curriculum aligned resources, perfect for use in all Health, Physical Education and Recreation classes around Australia. With works from ACHPER President and Flinders University Professor, Associate Professor Shane Pill, these resources are sure to provide you with everything there is to know when it comes to teaching children about sport.

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Scootle provides teachers with resources currently aligned with the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education.

The resources cover from Kindergarten – Year 10 and provide useful information based around two major focus categories; Personal, Social and Community Health, and Movement and Physical Activity.

The site can easily be filtered by year level, strand, general capability or cross curriculum priority to make it as easy as possible to find the information you need.


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ACT Healthy Living Schools

ACT Healthy Living Schools

The ACT Healthy Living Schools Program run by Nutrition Australia, provides training on various topics to provide teachers with the confidence to teach nutrition within the Australian Curriculum Framework. Seminars available include: Teaching Nutrition, School Community and Parent Nutrition, Cooking Demonstrations and Student Cooking Workshops.

Kids at Play

Kids at Play

Kids at Play is a resource designed for children aged 0-5 years old and their families.

Kids at Play provides information, tips and resources about physical activity, healthy eating, screen time and the importance of play, to families and early childhood educators.  Also includes information about how ACT early childhood education and care services can get involved with the free Kids at Play Active Play program.

Healthy Active Kids

Healthy Active Kids

Healthy Active Kids have resources available for teachers to incorporate fun lessons that fulfil the health curriculum requirements. Resources include interactive games, videos and lesson plans.

Eat For Health- Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

Eat For Health- Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

Do you and your students know what kind of foods, and how much of certain foods we should be consuming? The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating provides a visual representation of the portions we should be eating to assist in maintaining and developing a healthy lifestyle.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a mental health teaching resource which aligns with the Australian Curriculum. The Mindfulness Curriculum is based around 20 various topics suitable for students from year 1-6.

The Mindfulness Curriculum includes manuals for educators, student journals, a free Smiling Mind app, and a parent resource guide.

Seasons for Growth Children and Young People's Program

The Children and Young People’s Program has a safe and engaging curriculum structure that incorporates a wide range of age-appropriate activities involving drawing, role-play, stories, discussion, playdough, music and journal activities.

There are four different levels of the program. Each level includes eight weekly sessions, a final celebration session and two subsequent reconnector sessions (that range from 40 minutes to an hour depending on age). Each weekly session explores a concept theme such as, Life is like the Seasons, Change is Part of Life, ‘Valuing My Story, Caring for my Feelings, Making Good Choices.

All four levels of the program have the flexibility to cater for participants with different learning needs or preferences. The learning processes reflect a deep respect for children’s capacity to cope, problem-solve, make good choices, set realistic goals and connect with others. Such learning develops best in supportive social contexts with peers and a caring, skilled adult ‘Companion’. Children’s learning is documented in a personal ‘Seasons for Growth’ journal so that participants can re-visit their insights in the future.

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Rock and Water Program


Master Instructor Brian Hayes has been involved as a teacher of Rock and Water since he met Freerk Ykeema, the founder and Grandmaster of the program, in 1999. Freerk had been invited to present a workshop at the University of Newcastle, and, with a deep interest in boys educational programs as well as a passion for promoting self defence abilities in boys and girls, Brian Hayes attended. He liked what he saw and began to implement the program immediately as an instructor.

Basically, Rock and Water is a course that is delivered over a number of lessons to students in primary or high school. A series of exercises and games are practised to develop confidence and self-reflection. The games are martial arts based, and students learn to block, hit strike shields, stand strong, negotiate using “rock” or “water” verbal approaches, walk away from a fight, consider alternatives to aggression, and develop understandings about who they are, their intuitive feelings and their personal direction.

As a Deputy Principal, Brian implemented and managed the program in two Newcastle High Schools, before being invited to conduct one-day training seminars and then three day training seminars around Australia and in New Zealand.

It is this commitment to developing the powerful Rock and Water program that takes Master Hayes away from his other role as Principal and Chief Instructor of the Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre at times, but the benefits are surely felt in the development of curriculum at the centre and staff training to reflect the principles of Rock and Water.

Rock and Water was developed as a program for boys, but the benefits for girls were immediately recognised by Australian teachers and the program is taught widely in mixed groups. The impact of the Rock and Water program can be readily seen at the Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre. All junior classes stop for a mat chat each lesson, where Rock and Water principles such as honesty, compassion, gratitude, patience are discussed. Many of the games played in class come from the Rock and Water program.

Most importantly, we emphasise the relationship between the physicality of martial arts training and the development of social skills, self confidence and resilence. This important principle has influenced the development of our unique leadership program, our ten values, respect challenge and many other aspects of our program.

Brian Hayes has developed a strong reputation as a program presenter. Check the testimonial page to see what teachers, community nurses, chaplains and mental health workers have to say about the program, and the qualities of Brian Hayes as a teacher and mentor to educational professionals.

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Sports Rules for Primary Teachers

Sports rules can sometimes be complex and difficult to interpret.  Following is a list of 16 sports whose rules have been simplified for teachers who deliver school sports programs.               

The use of simplified rules and modified games, especially with children and young people, will contribute to a more enjoyable and satisfactory sports experience. An example is on the Basketball - 3 on 3 (PDF 21KB) sport rules sheet.

The guidelines are often only a snapshot of the rules of the game and should not be seen as a substitute for the Official Rule Book for each of these sports. To download or purchase copies of a full version of the rules applying to each sport visit the website: