Are you an ACT sport or recreation organisation and want to join our growing physical activity network?

PE Pulse works as a connector between physical activity providers and schools in the ACT to assist teachers and school communities to find a program, skills clinic, resource or professional development opportunity that best suits them. Together, we are working to enhance the quality of physical education for our children.

When your organisation joins, you will be able to broadcast your products and services across our channels within schools, have access to our community networking sessions and be kept up-to-date with what’s happening in the schools environment.

Here is how you can join up!

Step 1. Enter your details in the form below

Step 2. Download the PE Pulse branding kit and display our logo on your organisations website

Step 3. Keep in contact with your organisations upcoming events, clinics and useful information for schools.

Please note that for organisations to join the PE Pulse Network, their services must benefit teachers, be of a not-for-profit nature and be delivered within school hours.

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