Orienteering ACT

Name of Organisation:

Orienteering ACT

How long have we been in Canberra:

Since 1971

What age groups do we work with:

Orienteering ACT runs regular events that are open to people of all ages, from toddlers to 90 year olds. We also organise training and teaching sessions for schools, scout groups and any other group who would be interested to help introduce new people to orienteering. Lots of the work we do is with school children from year 3 up, but we work with anyone who is interested in orienteering whatever age.

What is the most popular event or clinic:

In terms of pure numbers, the biggest event for Orienteering ACT last year was the Easter 3 Days carnival held in Canberra which had over 800 people attend from both the ACT and interstate. For the largest purely local event we had our Saturday Junior League events that had up to 245 people on any given day. The largest event aimed at schools children we had been working with was the ACT Primary Schools Championships which had 178 children in total. In terms of the most fun, SCORE orienteering was run last year where primary school kids got to compete as a team and run a relay style orienteering event before school. With so many kids in a relatively small area cheering each other on it was a very fun event.

What is the funniest thing that ever happened during an event:

At an event a few years ago there was a boy who’s family was arrived just before his event and he had no time to prepare. He and his family started running their course the moment they got there. The boy’s course was longer than his family’s so they got back first and waited for him. Suddenly they realised the boy was already back and standing towards the edge of the finish area. Before they could ask what he was doing he got into a small building, stayed there briefly and then ran off. The family were confused and waited for the boy to finish his course. When he finally did come back they asked what had happened. He said that because they had been in a rush at the start the boy hadn’t had time to go to the bathroom before he ran, and since his course had taken past the toilets anyway, he had decided to take a break and use them.

What is a fun fact about our organisation:

We organise all different types of orienteering which means some of the courses are only a few hundred meters long while others can be up to 25 or even 30 kilometers long. Orienteering is a very dynamic sport.

Who is the most well known person from our club:

We have lots of coaches who would be well known to people just starting orienteering, but for people who have done it for a while the most well known person is Hermann Wehner who is 90 years old and still orienteering and is who every orienteer wants to be when they grow up.

How can schools get in contact with us:

The best way to get in contact with us is to send us an email at schools@act.orienteering.asn.au or, if that doesn’t work, to call one of our development officers on 0403882585 or 0431381727


January 24th, 2017 | Category: Community Profiles

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