Royal Life Saving ACT

Name of Organisation

Royal Life Saving ACT


How long has your organisation been in Canberra?

Royal Life Saving ACT was incorporated as an Association in 1987 but we had RLSSA programs running in ACT pools well before that date including Bronze Medallion!


What age groups do your organisation work with?

All ages with programs for pre and primary aged students, High School students and College Students as well.


What is your most popular event or clinic?


ACT Schools’ Swim and Survive program. It’s available to all schools, all year groups, all year ’round and can be customised to suit specific schools or groups.


What is the funniest thing that has ever happened in your office, or during an event?

Watching interns freak out when they see a dishwasher full of resusci-Anne faces ready for disinfecting is a hoot!


What is a fun fact about your organisation?

Every year for the CEO’s birthday we have a “cake-off”. Every staff member bakes a cake and the CEO judges a winner after everyone has tasted every cake. It’s always a hard day in the office!


Who is the most well-known person to come from your club?

Lochie the Lifeguard


How can schools get in contact?


Call: 6260 5800



January 24th, 2017 | Category: Community Profiles

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